• Mtume / Theater Of The Mind

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  • Price : 1,540 yen(tax in)
  • Label : Epic
  • Format : VINYL LP
  • Condition: (jkt / Disc) EX/EX
  • sold out
  • US盤 Original
    甘茶ソウル辞典にも掲載の80's Soul名盤!!James Mtumeを中心としたグループ、Mtumeの1986年作!メロウな「Breathless」「Body & Soul (Take Me)」、Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hydeのオールド・スクールラップをfeat.した「Deep Freeze」など収録!


    A1 Theme For Theater Of The Mind
    A2 P.O.P. Generation
    A3 Breathless
    A4 I Don't Believe You Heard Me (A Tribute To James Brown)
    A5 Body & Soul (Take Me)
    B1 New Face Deli
    B2 I'd Rather Be With You
    B3 Deep Freeze (Rap-A-Song) (Part 1)
    B4 Deep Freeze (Tree's Thing) (Part 2)