• Prince Paul ‎/ Psychoanalysis (What Is It?)

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  • Price : 1,430 yen(tax in)
  • Label : Tommy Boy
  • Format : VINYL 2LP
  • Condition: (jkt / Disc) EX/EX
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  • US 正規再発盤 
    Handsome Boy Modeling Schoolを結成するAutomatorのRemix("Beautiful Night")も収録!De La Soulの1st Albumを手がけた事でも有名ですね〜色褪せないクラシックアルバム!!!!


    A1 Why Must You Hate Me
    A2 Beautiful Night (Manic Psychopath)
    A3 Open You Mouth (Hypohalamus)
    A4 Introduction To Psychoanalysis (Schizophrenia)
    A5 You Made Me (A.K.C.)
    B1 Vexual Healing (Vacillation)
    B2 To Get A Gun
    B3 J.O.B. - Das What Dey Is!
    B4 The World's A Stage (A Dramady)
    B5 Booty Clap
    C1 Drinks (Escapism)
    C2 Dimepieces
    C3 In Your Mind (Altered States)
    C4 2 B Blunt (A True Story)
    D1 Psycho Linguistics (Convergent Thought)
    D2 That's Entertainment? (Aversive Conditioning)
    D3 Outroduction To Diagnosis Psychosis
    D4 Beautiful Night (Automator Remix)