• Barbara Mason ‎/ A Piece Of My Life

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  • Price : 1,540 yen(tax in)
  • Label : WMOT Records
  • Format : VINYL LP
  • Condition: (jkt / Disc) EX/VG+
  • sold out
  • UK盤
    60年代から活躍するBarbara Masonの1980年作!メローな一曲「A4 Playing With My Feelings」、スローな名曲「B1 Yes I'm Ready」を収録。その他、メロウ・ミディアム「B5 You Did Not Stay Last Night」など、良曲多し!


    A1 Let Me Give You Love
    A2 I'll Never Love The Same Way Twice
    A3 One And Off
    A4 Playing With My Feelings
    A5 So In Love With You
    B1 Yes I'm Ready
    B2 Love Having You Around
    B3 You Know Who I Love
    B4 All Inside Of Me
    B5 You Did Not Stay Last Night