• Jean-Pierre Decerf / Space Oddities 1975~1979

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  • Price : 2,420 yen(tax in)
  • Label : Born Bad Records
  • Format : VINYL LP
  • Condition: NEW
  • sold out
  • France Compilation盤
    電子ポップやコズミックディスコなど様々なミュージックシーンで活躍をみせたパリ在住の独学ミュージシャン鬼才Jean-Pierre Decerfの75~79年作品集!コズミック電子ポップ極上音源!


    A1 Surrounding Seas
    A2 Light Flight
    A3 Blazing Skyline
    A4 Leavin' My Place
    A5 The Cool Brain
    A6 Black Safari
    A7 Gates Of Pop Empire
    B1 Dreams In The Wind
    B2 Touch As Much
    B3 Strange Form
    B4 The Orion Belt
    B5 Rainbow Rays
    B6 Like The Wind You Are
    B7 Litha