• Two Tons O' Fun / Two Tons O' Fun

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  • Price : 1,980 yen(tax in)
  • Label : Fantasy Honey Records
  • Format : VINYL LP
  • Condition: (jkt / Disc)VG+/VG+
  • sold out
  • US盤 Original
    後に「The Weather Girls」として大ブレイクする「Two Tons O' Fun 」の1980年作の1st Album!12inchは今も高値をつける「Just Us」収録!ダンスナンバー「I Got The Feeling」、スローな「Taking Away Your Space」も最高!


    A1 Do You Wanna Boogie, Hunh?
    A2 Just Us
    A3 I Got The Feeling
    A4 Gone Away
    B1 Earth Can Be Just Like Heaven
    B2 Make Someone Feel Happy Today
    B3 Taking Away Your Space
    B4 One-Sided Love Affair