• Fred Wesley And The J.B.'s / Damn Right I Am Somebody

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  • Price : 1,650 yen(tax in)
  • Label : P-Vine Records
  • Format : VINYL LP
  • Condition: (jkt / Disc) EX/EX
  • sold out
  • 日本盤
    James BrownのバックバンドThe J.B.'sとファンキートロンボーン奏者、Fred Wesleyが1974年にリリースした名盤!A tribe Called Quest / Oh My Godで使われた「Damn Right I'm Somebody」など名曲揃い!


    A1 Damn Right I'm Somebody
    A2 Blow Your Head
    A3 Im Payin' Taxes, What Am I Buyin'?
    B1 Same Beat (Part 1)
    B2 If You Don't Get It The First Time, Back Up & Try It Again, Parrty
    B3 Make Me What You Want Me To Be
    B4 Going To Get A Thrill
    B5 You Sure Love To Ball