• CMA / Overall

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  • Price : 1,650 yen(tax in)
  • Label : Mary Joy Recordings
  • Format : VINYL 2LP
  • Condition: (jkt / Disc) EX-/EX-
  • sold out
  • 日本盤 Original
    Living LegendsのリーダーであるLuckyiam、PSCと、The GrouchのグループCMAのアルバム!The Grouchによる上質トラックに、Murs, Pep Love, Izadoe, N8 the GR8が参加!アングラファン必聴!


    A1 When???
    A2 The CMA
    A3 Luke Warm
    A4 Overall
    B1 My Shoes
    B2 Free Will
    B3 Why I Crew
    B4 Road Trip
    C1 Bored In The O
    C2 Whatchahere4?
    C3 U Might Knock This
    C4 The Best (You Never Heard Ov)
    C5 No Eay Way
    D1 2 Help The Weak.End
    D2 Introspections
    D3 Pre-Sale
    D4 $ouled Out