• 3582 / The Living Soul

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  • Price : 1,100 yen(tax in)
  • Label : Hum Drums
  • Format : VINYL 2LP
  • Condition: (jkt / Disc) EX-/VG+
  • 数量:
  • Germany盤 Original
    Fat Jon & J-Rawlsのユニット、3582のフルアルバム!メロウでソウルフルなJazzy Hiphopを展開しています。A,B面はVo./Rap入り、C,D面はA,B面のインストVer.を収録!


    A1 Sound Imaging
    A2 No Need To Run
    A3 The Collective
    A4 2nd Person
    A5 What Could Be
    B1 MC²
    B2 Yesterday
    B3 Vivid Programming
    B4 The Living Soul
    B5 Bad Form
    B6 Empty
    C1 Sound Imaging (Instrumental)
    C2 No Need To Run (Instrumental)
    C3 The Collective (Instrumental)
    C4 2nd Person (Instrumental)
    C5 What Could Be (Instrumental)
    D1 MC² (Instrumental)
    D2 Yesterday (Instrumental)
    D3 Vivid Programming (Instrumental)
    D4 The Living Soul (Instrumental)
    D5 Bad Form (Instrumental)
    D6 Empty (Instrumental)