• Makaya McCraven / Universal Beings

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  • Price : 4,950 yen(tax in)
  • Label : International Anthem Recording Company
  • Format : 2LP
  • Condition: NEW
  • 数量:
  • US Reissue 再入荷

    A1 A Queen's Intro
    A2 Holy Lands
    A3 Young Genius
    A4 Black Lion
    A5 Tall Tales
    A6 Mantra

    B1 Pharaoh's Intro
    B2 Atlantic Black
    B3 Inner Flight
    B4 Wise Man, Wiser Woman
    B5 Prosperity's Fear

    C1 Flipped Out
    C2 Voila
    C3 Suite Haus
    C4 The Newbies Lift Off
    C5 The Royal Outro

    D1 The Count Off
    D2 Butterss's
    D3 Turtle Tricks
    D4 The Fifth Monk
    D5 Brighter Days Beginning
    D6 Universal Beings